Peter Cook Scandal Sex Tape

Diana Bianchi, other woman in scandal of divorce Christie Brinkley, speaks against messages that there is its prospective sexual tape and Brinkley's excluding husband Peter Cook.
Peter Cook Sex TapeIn the exclusive statement from its attorney Diana says that she "did not understand that it did a video shooting their sexual collisions."
Peter Cook Sex TapePeter and divorce Christie's became final in July, because of charges that it has spent thousand dollars a month for an Internet pornography and dealt then with 18-year-old Bienchi.

The attorney of the young woman, Rosemarie Arnold, speaks And is exclusive: "Diana was in relations with Peter Cook. Her does not surprise that there are its photos in its possession. However, she did not understand that it did a video shooting their sexual collisions. In my opinion Peter Cook - a wolf. It has gone on Barbara Walters in a draw and asserted that it was a lamb. But you can place communication in a wolf, it - still a wolf. We weigh our legal variants concerning this question."
Peter CookThe attorney of cook Norman Sheresky speaks And: "I never saw such video but if ever was one and if it exists, it would be true to disseminate any idea that sexual relations betvi Peter, and madam Bianchi has not been co-ordinated completely not."

In the meantime, lawyer Christie's says that "Anything about behaviour Peter Cook's does not shake us. We know nothing about this tape. We never saw it, and we never heard about it. Anxiety Christie's for the sake of its children, and it hopes that this video is kept by the private."

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